Friday, May 14

Posted by Kathy Yliniemi on 5/14/2021

Notes and Such for May 14, 2021


  1. Today’s Menu: Meat & cheese tray, celery, mixed fruit and milk variety.
  2. The spring book fair is virtual this year. The dates are May 3-16.
  3. First graders to Itasca State Park 17 (Nelsen Erickson).
  4. All books must be returned to the library by May 14.
  5. Third graders will visit the museum on the mornings of May 14 (Molenaar, Baumgartner), May 20 (Seehafer), May 21 (Bone, Hillesland).
  6. Second grade will go to Hubbard County Museum as well: May 18 - Eischens 8:30-10:30/Grant 9:30-11:30, May 19 - Undem 8:30-10:30/Poehler 9:30-11:30, May 25 - Lunak 9:30-11:30
  7. Field Day is tentatively planned for May 19. The details are up in the air. (back up is 5/25)
  8. First graders go to Heartland Park on May 26 for their end of the year picnic. (back up is 5/27)
  9. Fourth graders go to Depot Park May 26.
  10. The pre-school picnics are at Heartland Park May 26 & 27.
  11. Kindergarten graduation will be May 27. Time is TBD.
  12. May 28 is the last day of school. Meet the teacher will be at 9:15.  Dismissal will be at noon.
  13. High school graduation is May 30.
  14. Memorial Day is May 31.

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Health Tip of the Week:  Read daily.  Reading is a great stress reducer and an easy way to learn new information.  Check out healthy living books to add to your reading list.

Laugh a Day!  KNOCK KNOCK.  Who’s there?  Ya.  Ya who?  What’s all the cheering about?