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September Student of the Month

September Student of the Month: Alexis Annette, Grandmother is Regina Basswood

Alexis has been involved in: National Honor Society and has Earned a scholarship 3
years in a row for an Agriculture conferences dealing with Native American Youth
improving food sovereignty.

Plans for the future: Alexis is undecided at this time but is leaning toward being a Math
Teacher or Political Activist.

Mrs. Kuehn (Angie): Alexis is so deserving of this honor. Since I had her in Business Law class
as a freshman, she has known what direction she wants to go and has done her best to strive for
her goals. She is a great role model and I see great things in her future. Way to go Alexis!!

Mrs. Thorson (Sara): I am so pleased that Alexis was chosen as September's student of the
month!  She is an outstanding student with intrinsic motivation to learn whatever is asked of her. 
If she is not 100% confident with a concept in class, she works until she is.  Her future is very
bright.  She will accomplish anything she sets her sights on.  I can't wait to see what path in life
she takes.

Mrs. Aldrich (Sandy): Alexis is very conscientious.  She does good work but much better than
that she truly puts herself in someone else's shoes.  She has a real feel for equitable treatment of
all and is not afraid to speak to that.  and unlike many her age, she understands when and the
how these conversations should be had.  I greatly admire that in her.

Mrs. Miller (Tanya): I am so proud of Alexis Annette! Even though she is quiet, sometimes
silence speaks louder than words. Alexis is not afraid to stand up for those who are
unempowered, on the fringe, or somehow marginalized. She has a big heart and she is full of
empathy for those who need it. I am proud of Alexis for being brave enough to stand up for her
beliefs even when they may not be popular. She is a strong woman, with a strong heart and a
strong sense of character. I am proud of her bravery and her spirit.

Congratulations Alexis!