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November Student of the Month

November Student of the Month: Jillian Neubauer, Parents Kimberly & James

Jillian has been involved in: National Honor Society, FFA, Band, student council, Spanish Club, Book
Club, Prom Committee, Panthers First Mentorship Program, and St. John's Youth Group.

Jillian plans to attend Concordia St. Paul to pursue a degree in Music Education with an instrumental
emphasis, and a Lutheran Theology Minor.

Miss. Seibert (Amber): Jillian is an outstanding leader in our FFA chapter, and it has been a joy to watch
her grow throughout the last three years that I have known her. 
Jillian is so smart, incredibly positive, and she has a true heart for others - one I have rarely seen in a
student. Jillian's warmth and her positive attitude is so welcoming to other students - people want to be in
her circle, and once they are in, she works hard to make them feel valued. In academics, in music, and in
FFA, Jillian is very driven - she seeks success, but she brings others with her. She makes study materials
for her classmates; she accompanies other students in solos and at musical events, and she cheers on other
FFA members in their contests. Jillian shows up for the organizations she cares about, and she shows up
for her people. 

Mrs. Johnson (Kerry): I really enjoyed getting to know Jillian in class last year. Besides always giving her
speeches first, she also led in other ways. She always participated in class discussions and was ready to
help others with their work. She has been a very involved student council member, and she has stepped up
to provide piano entertainment at coronation. Overall, Jillian is a great person who will continue to
influence our world in a positive way. Congrats, Jillian!

Mr. Funk (Stephen): Jillian brings such positive energy to every group that she works with. No matter if
it's in the classroom, the hallway, or at school events, she is always helping to elevate the mood and get
people excited and involved. She works hard, always adds to classroom discussion, and is extremely
respectful. In our FFA chapter, she is a great role model for the younger members and is always willing to
step up and lend a helping hand. Congratulations!

Mr. Cook (John): Jillian is a rock star. She is a phenomenal musician, and has a great work ethic. Jillian is
the model section leader. She encourages and supports the younger flute players in being better players
themselves. She encouraged 4 of the 6 to perform at solo contest, and even accompanied them on piano
herself, because she knew they would be more comfortable working with her. Jillian was selected as the
band president this year, and she is super helpful and brings a lot of support to the whole band in that role.
Jillian is absolutely a shining example of the finest that Park Rapids High School has to offer. I couldn't
be more proud of her.