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April Student of the Month

April Student of the Month: Brenna Behrens, Parents Jodi & Brian Behrens

Brenna has been involved in: Figure Skating, Speech, Volleyball, NHS, book club, her church, and choir.

Brenna will be going to the College of St. Benedict to pursue a degree as a Physician Assistant.

Mrs. Kuehn (Angie):  Brenna is a very diligent student with a bright future ahead of her. Very well deserved.

Mrs. Johnson (Kerry): Brenna is one organized student. When she knew she was going to be gone, she always got her work and often finished it before she left. If she had a paper assignment due in a week, she would ask after two days if she could hand it in early. She just always stays on top of her work. Her work is always very complete too; she does a great job. She also can be like a sponge; she wants to truly understand what she is being taught and is not afraid to ask for help. I enjoyed having her in class. Congrats!

Mr. Funk (Stephen): Brenna leads by example in the classroom and is an extremely hard worker.  The quality and punctuality of her work is second to none.

Miss. Craigmile (Leandra):  I have had the honor of working with Brenna Behrens for three years as a choir student and speaker.  I am so proud to see how much Brenna has bloomed in the years I have had her.  She has really stepped up this year in both choir and Speech as a leader.  Her humility, down-to-earth, and no-nonsense nature has been essential to our choir and is so welcome.  I am confident that no matter what Brenna pursues in the future she will succeed and thrive.


Mr. Fritze (Todd):  Brenna is well deserved of this award.  She is a great kid to have in class and does impeccable work.  When seeing Brenna in the halls, she always has a smile and a positive attitude.