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January Student of the Month

January Student of the Month: Owen Wagner, Parents Chris & Mike Wagner

Owen has been involved in: Cross Country and Trap Shooting throughout high school. He was the captain of the cross-country team this past fall.

Owen plans to attend M State Wadena to be a part of the Lineman program next year.  Owen wants to be a lineman just like my father.

Mrs. Kuehn (Angie):  Owen is a very personable and mature young man. I enjoyed having him in class and wish him well in the future...he will do well!

Mr. Richard (Patrick): Owen gives 100% at whatever he does and always finds a way to stay positive. Because of who he is as a young man, success will not be far behind him in the future. Owen helped captain our cross-country team during the pandemic in a way that showed his strong work ethic, leadership by example, positivity, and by giving nothing less than his best. PRAHS has several exceptional student leaders, but Owen's influence will be irreplaceable. Thank you, Owen.

Mrs. Johnson (Kerry): Owen is a class act. After coaching him for several years and having him in the classroom, I can say that Owen is dependable, respectful, personable, a hard worker, and goofy at times. He is very much a bright spot in our school and very deserving of this award. Congrats, Owen. 

Mrs. Schroeder (Vicki): Owen is such a mature kid, but he also has a great sense of humor.  I remember when he was a sophomore, we did an assignment that went with a novel we were reading.  In the assignment, the students made a list of the top 10 unwritten rules for living in their house.  Students put down things like take you shoes off at the door, or no pets on the furniture, but one that Owen had stood out to me and made me laugh for about 5 minutes.  One of the unwritten rules of living in the Wagner household is to turn on the fan in the bathroom. Chris obviously runs a very considerate household.

Mr. Coborn (Thomas): I have had the pleasure of teaching Owen several times throughout his academic career.  Owen is not only a solid student, but he is also a solid person.  Owen is what I would call a very intelligent and quiet gentleman.  His demeanor is calm, confident, friendly, and approachable.  He is always willing to engage in a conversation with adults and give you the time to discuss a matter.  I say with complete confidence that Owen will have a successful career in whichever direction he decides to take.   As a teacher and former panther, I am proud to say that Owen is one of our finest!