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December Student of the Month

December Student of the Month: Savana Damar, Parents Jenifer & Jordan Anderson and Jamey Damar

Savana has been involved in: Varsity Swim, Track and Member of Student Council.  She was also a powderpuff football all-star when we were able to play.

Savana plans to attend UND for either a Law or Business management degree. Not sure yet there

Mr. Funk (Stephen): Savana does an excellent job participating in class and serves as a positive example to other students on how to be engaged during distance learning.

Mrs. Thorson (Sara):  Savana is absolutely deserving of student of the month! She is an unassuming, yet driven student with a consistently positive attitude.  She has a great work ethic as a student and athlete.  I am confident that she will wonderfully succeed wherever she goes from here. I cannot wait to see where that is!

Mrs. Winter (Katie):  Savana was a wonderful addition to class. She views the world very practically and very maturely for someone her age. Her sense of humor and ability to focus on what is important causes her to excel now and certainly will in her future endeavors. 

Mr. Fritze (Todd): Savana is a special kid.  She has a bubbly, sassy personality that brightens your day.  She is an extremely hard worker and a great leader.  Above everything else she is a great kid.

Mrs. Johnson (Kerry): I appreciate the spunkiness of Savana. I had her in class last year, and I really enjoyed how she was not afraid to share her opinions. She also is not afraid of hard work; I appreciate that. She is very determined, and I know that quality will take her far. Congrats!

Mrs. Miller (Tanya):  Savana is a hard worker, very dedicated, and determined. Savana is one who will set goals for herself and she is not satisfied until she reaches them. She is not afraid of hard work, and she is dedicated to doing her best. She is very detail-oriented. Recently, she submitted a writing portfolio to me that represented all of these qualities. She is a go-getter, and I am so proud of her!