K-8 Special Education Staff

Park Rapids Area School

  • Park Rapids Area Schools Special Education provides inclusive and comprehensive educational programs for students of all ages with disabilities. 

    Minnesota has thirteen categorical disability areas. A team of qualified professionals, including parent(s), determines whether the student meets criteria in one of the thirteen categorical disability areas and is in need of special education services.

    Each student who receives special education services must meet the State of Minnesota mandated eligibility criteria, and then an Individual Education Program (IEP) can be developed which describes the student's present level of performance, special education needs, goals, objectives, and services.

    Students can receive services in the following disability categories:  Autism Spectrum Disorders, Deaf-Blind, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Emotional or Behavioral Disorders, Developmental Cognitive Disability, Developmental Delay, Other Health Disabilities, Physically Impaired, Severely Multiply Impaired, Specific Learning Disability, Speech or Language Impairements, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Visually Impaired.