• While Apex Learning provides structured course content, Park Rapids Area Virtual Academy’s certified teachers instruct and support students with their learning by providing small group and/or individual instruction via Google Meet, specific individualized feedback of course activities and assessments, and personalized tutoring in person or virtually. Students, parents/guardians, content instructors, and/or the Director of the Virtual Academy can request tutoring and individualized support sessions for students. 

    The Park Rapids Area Virtual Academy is asynchronous. PRAVA is student-centered. Content instructors/certified teachers set a learning path where students engage at their own pace within a framework of units, lessons, and trimesters. To guide student pacing, due dates are set for specific course lessons. Students may work ahead of the set timeline.  Should a student, or students, progress through a course at a pace greater than the school calendar trimester parameters and demonstrate proficiency, the student(s) would earn the credit and proceed to the next course of study. 

    PRAVA content instructors/teachers utilize formative assessment data to adjust instructional practices in an effort to address and maximize individual students' learning, to gauge students' progress, and assign grades. Content instructors/teachers modify and adjust the curriculum per individual student needs while maintaining the integrity of MN academic standards. Enrichment may be provided for students who are thriving. Reteaching is provided for striving students. Students who benefit from interventions, 504s, or IEPs may have adapted or modified courses.

    PRAVA students who meet requirements may transition to the Park Rapids Alternative Learning Center, ALC, to complete an online course, or courses, and credits necessary while maintaining the units of study and lessons successfully completed in Apex. 

    Park Rapids Area Virtual Academy’s content instructors/certified teachers, with the direction and guidance of the Interim Curriculum Director, analyze the Apex course outlines and syllabi. The content instructors align the Apex course outcomes to the MN standards and may adjust instruction and enhance lessons.

    Content instructors are Park Rapids District 309 certified teachers. The content instructor’s role is to establish and maintain positive working relationships with students in the academy while providing rigorous standards aligned instruction, academic support, and encouragement. Content instructors provide instruction in core subject areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Content instructors also provide instruction in encore subject areas: Art, Business, Health, Physical Education, and additional subjects as needed. Content instructors teach skills and concepts, adjust the curriculum as needed, evaluate and score student work, and guide students in their progress toward successful course completion.

    The Park Rapids Area Virtual Academy Director oversees all aspects of the virtual academy, including marketing the academy, interviewing prospective students, assigning the courses (in conjunction with the CES and principal from both the Middle School and High School), monitoring student attendance and academic progress, maintaining communication with students and their families, and assuring that students meet the requirements of the program.

    The Park Rapids Middle School and High School Principals provide ongoing support for the virtual academy, as well as assisting with the overall mission and vision of the program. In addition, school principals oversee the Coordinators of Educational Services in each of their buildings, and assure that students in the virtual academy receive equitable time, resources and support in their educational journey.

    The Coordinators of Educational Services in the Park Rapids Area High School and Century Middle School recommend students for the virtual academy, review student progress, and lay out the courses the student will be taking in order to meet the educational requirements of the Park Rapids Area Schools.

    The Director of Special Education is responsible for implementing and maintaining Special Education programs and services in conformance to district, state, and federal objectives and laws; planning, designing, and implementing all phases of service provided by the special education staff. *See page 31 & 32 to further clarify how special education services are provided.

    Park Rapids Area School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals who can assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic, and classroom support, consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators as well as provide individual and group counseling/therapy.