Panther Tracks

  • Park Rapids Area High School Prepares Students for the Future with Panther Tracks Approach! 

    As we continue to strive for success in meeting the demands of today's world we are preparing our students with modern education strategies. Park Rapids Area High School is moving to innovative ways to educate students in the 21st century by creating Panther Tracks to guide student learning.

    By applying Career and Technical Education (CTE) principles to Panther Tracks, students are able to utilize their core academic knowledge and apply it to hands-on learning opportunities while also gaining softs skills and real-world career experience in our Park Rapids Community. This approach to learning provides smaller, core-focused groups of students and staff who are motivated to excel in the tracks that have been created. Students will explore a variety of courses, some of which are mandated, but the goal is to provide all students career exploration and learning opportunities that truly motivate them. In addition, experimental learning opportunities will be made available when possible.

    Students who complete one or multiple Panther Tracks, along with their Work Seminar and Real-World Experience requirements completed, will graduate with a certificate and a medal per the amount of tracks completed. The certificate will note that the student is Panther Tracks Certified in the area studied and the student is also awarded one or more medals to wear on graduation day. 

    Career Readiness/Postsecondary is the wave of the future, and PRAHS Panther Tracks are paving the way for success in our schools today. Excellence is achieved with focused learning ideals and Park Rapids Area Public Schools are the gateway to the future.    

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    "Working Together to Prepare Today's Learners for Tomorrow's Challenges!"

  • Panther Tracks Options

    • Freshman Exploration-Career Development Track
    • Agriculture Track
    • Art & Design Track
    • Automotive & Aviation Technology Track
    • Business Management Track
    • Child Care & Education Track
    • Construction Trades Track
    • Cosmetology Track
    • Culinary Arts Track
    • Engineering Track
    • Entrepreneurship Track
    • Finance & Accounting Track
    • Fire & Rescue Track
    • Health Care Track
    • Human Services Track
    • Information Technology Track
    • Journalism & Writing Track
    • Law Enforcement Track
    • Leadership & Politics Track
    • Marketing & Media Track
    • Mechanical & Electrical Track
    • Music & Performing Arts Track
    • Natural Resources Management Track
    • Create Your Own Track
  • Work Seminar Options

    • Life Skills 101 Class
    • Senior & Junior Capstone Classes
    • Money Management Class
    • Agriculture Occupations Class
    • Career Exploration Class
    • Medical Terminology & Careers Class
    • Business Seminar Class
  • Real World Experience Options

    • Job-Shadowing
    • Work-Based Learning
    • Part-Time Employment
    • Field Trip
    • Career Presentation
    • Peer Tutoring/Mentoring
    • Community Mentoring
    • Teacher Assistant (TA)
    • Business Apprenticeship & Internship Classes
  • Industry Certification Course Options

    • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
    • Minnesota Emergency Medical Responders (EMR)
  • Panther Tracks Registration

    To register for Panther Tracks, please visit the Park Rapids Area High School Office. 

  • "Working Together to Prepare Today's Learners for Tomorrow's Challenges!"