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  • The Park Rapids School District realizes that strong partnerships between the school and local businesses are imperative for the success of its students, as well as for the betterment of the Park Rapids community as a whole. As a school district, we take pride in being a part of the community! Each year, hundreds of people volunteer in Park Rapids Area Schools. Many of our students job-shadow, volunteer, and learn from the experts in our area. We want to increase the partnerships we are building with businesses in our community - and our goal is to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We Hope You'll Join Us In This Effort! To coordinate this effort, the 4C (Community Career Collaboration Coordinator) position was created in concert with local businesses. If you are a business owner, career professional, community leader, volunteer, parent or student who would like to learn more about this program and connect with others, please feel free to contact Krystal Murphy.

  • Krystal Murphy
    4C - Community Career Collaboration Coordinator
    Serving PreK-12 at Park Rapids Area Schools
    Contact Information:
    Direct Phone: 218-237-6442
    Mailing Address:
    Park Rapids Area High School
    Attn: 4C-Krystal Murphy
    401 Huntsinger Ave. 
    Park Rapids, MN 56470

  • I love to read

    Elementary Reading Community Video Project:

    A group of elementary teachers are starting a video library of community members in various professions reading children's books for our Elementary students/classes. These videos will be geared towards Kindergarten - 4th grade for career exploration. 

    Community Members Reading: 

    • A children's book that talks about their career
    • A children's book that talks about helping their community
    • Their favorite children's book

    A group of students are working together to record, edit, and publish these videos on a dedicated page on the school website. 

    At the end of the year, we could do a "Meet My Favorite Reader" Day and have lunch with the kiddos. 

    These videos are great for students who are distance learning, when the teacher is talking about different careers with students, and is a great way to meet a wide variety of people while learning about our community! Then we can order the books you are reading so students can read them again in class or along with you while you are reading in the future. 

    If you need help finding a book to read, we can help pick out a book that we think you and the students would like from our library. 

    Recording starts in December. The videos will be published by February for "I Love To Read" Month. The goal is to have at least +30 videos to have not only for the month but for the whole year. 

    If you want to be a part of the project, please call 218-237-6442. 

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    Panther Students C&C Homepage for Career Exploration Opportunities, Assessment Links, Events Calendar, Resume Help, & so much more!

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    We Want Your Career Expertise! Working or Retired, There are Many Ways to Get Involved with our School District and Panther Tracks program!

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College & Career Events Calendar

  • Panthers - Check out the below calendar to stay up to date on events happening locally and across the state and country! These events are focused on college, career and life and will either be held in-person or virtually. You will find various expos, fairs, conferences, presentations, workshops, and so much more! Click on a title that interests you to see that event's registration information and who it's sponsored by. 


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