• The Continuing Education Committee meets twice each school year. The first meeting is usually in early November and the second is in early May.  Clock hours and semester credits must be turned in to the Committee before the fall or spring meeting for approval. Remember, it is your responsibility to be sure your license does not lapse and that your credentials are up to date. 

    Continuing Ed. Helpful Hints

    If you have not already, create an account on the MDE website. (Park Rapids homepage under staff resources, or search Minnesota Department of Education)

    Start a folder and collect certificates from speakers, workshops, ect.  Also start to document anything you do that may count for hours. (PLCs, curriculum writing, staff advisory, committee meetings, etc.)

    When turning in hours for the first time, please attach a copy of your teaching license.

    The Continuing Ed. Committee meets once in the fall and once in the spring.  Clock hours and semester credits should be turned in prior to those meetings.

    You need 125 clock hours over a five year period to renew your license.

    1 semester credit is worth 24 clock hours.

    You can accumulate up to 30 clock hours for travel during every five year period.

    Combine clock hours from the same categories. (Category B - Educational Workshops should all be added up together on one form.)

    Lane change deadlines are September 15th and January 15th.  Contact RJ McCarthy in the district office for more information.