•  Most of your work will be shared through Google Classroom. We will sign up for Google Classroom the first week of class and practice using it to get familiar with how things will be done.



    Note Taking Methods

    Research has shown you retain more information if you write it down, here is some information on the importance of taking notes and several different methods. Find something that works for you and use it!



  • Useful links and apps


    CK-12 bozemanscience
    cK-12 is a great site to review and practice biology concepts. Bozeman science has many biology related videos to help you study. Khan academy is another great source for biology related topics. We will use edmodo for class discussion and science news. 
    I'm still figuring out how I want to use this one but it is similar to the other video sights. We will use Kahoot in class as a review tool and an occasional quiz. No doubt you've used this before but I've got some feeds you should subscribe to. This site has a wide feed of different and cool science/tech related news.


    Here are some YouTube subscriptions I think you will find to be helpful:

    CrashCourse CrashCourse              Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet

    TED-Ed TED-Ed                     Amoeba Sisters Amoeba Sisters

    MrDBioCFC MrDBioCFC     


  • Mr. Luther

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    Hello and welcome!

    I have been teaching science at PRAHS since 2004. 

    I gradutated from PRAHS, attended college at the University of Wisconsin River Falls, and graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a teaching degree in Life Science. I have a Masters in Education from Southwest Minnesota State University and completed graduate classes online through Clemson University in order to teach College Anatomy and Physiology.