• Children and adults are experiencing mental health challenges, and we are here to help.  If your child is experiencing social, emotional, or behavior issues, here are some resources that can help.  

Mental Health Support

Academic Support

  • Who to contact? 
    1. Your child's classroom teacher (contact info under TEACHER tab in each building) Your child's teacher should be able to provide suggestions for additional resources and services that can help your child academically.
    2. Coordinators of Educational Services (CES) from each building

    Century Elementary
    Coordinator of Educational Services
    Century Middle School
    Coordinator of Educational Services
    Coordinator of Educational Services
    High School Counselor 
    PRAVA: Park Rapids Area Virtual Academy
    Jill Stevenson
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    For additional resources and links to support your child's learning, visit our Parent Help page: www.parkrapids.k12.mn.us/parenthelp

Behavior Support

  • book on head These are the types of behaviors that frustrate us as parents and educators. How do we deal with the child who is uncooperative, sullen, or difficult to be around. These resources may help you in parenting your child at home - whether students are in school or distance learning.

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