• Health, Physical Education & Swimming


    National PE Standards

  • PE Expectations


    Towards your instructors, your classmates, & the equipment we get the privilege to use.
    Do not be a distraction to the learning process or the enjoyment of the class for others!

    1. BE SAFE!!

    Be sure to always be aware of your surroundings.
    THINK before DOING!
    Communicate with your instructor. 


    PE Uniform must be a CHANGE of clothes.
    PE Dress code will be enforced.
    Most importantly you must have tightly tied TENNIS SHOES!

    CONSEQUENCES for Inappropriate Behavior

    *Consequences could occur without warning dependent on the severity of the inappropriate behavior

    • 1st = Warning
    • 2nd = Asked to leave class, parent/gaurdian may be notified, and lose daily points.
      • Re-entry possible after a conversation between you & the Teacher involved.
      • You will have a chance to discuss what happened and come up with a plan to either solve the problem or change your behavior. 
      • A genuine apology will be your ticket back in J.
    • 3rd & Beyond= Sent to ISS, Parents will be notified, After School Detention may be assigned, and lose daily points.
    • Re-entry is dependent on an apology and plan to improve behavior.

    “No Dress” Consequences

    • 1st time = lose daily points, may still participate.
    • 2nd time = lose daily points and NOT able to participate.
    • 3rd offense & beyond= lose daily points, sent to ISS, Parents notified, & after school detention may be assigned.
  • PE Uniforms & Dress Code

    The Century Middle School PE Department is excited to announce your low cost Physical Education uniforms are available for all students to purchase for the school year!

    REASONS we use PE Uniforms!

    • PE uniforms promote pride and school spirit!
    • PE uniforms support safe and appropriate dress.
    • PE uniforms ensure that all students have a change of clothes for PE and can practice good hygiene.

    (You are encouraged to purchase more than one set for your student/s)

    1. Student/Parents make the uniform purchase online at K12 Payment Center.
      *This can be done at Open House, before or after school, & during PE (1st week of school ).
    1. You must keep the receipt of purchase and give it to Mr. Bishop or Mrs. Galzki to receive your uniform.

    What is the Uniform and How much is it?

    Panther T-Shirt --------------$5
    *This one is Grey with black print, but any Park Rapids Panthers T-shirts attire is acceptable

    BLACK Mesh Shorts (7” inseam or longer) ---------------$7

    ** Parents & students still have the option to independently buy clothing which conforms to the PE dress codes and is approved by the PE Department or School Administration.

    Century Middle School PE Dress Code: 

    • Students must wear a complete change of clothes for PE.
    • T-shirts must be a Park Rapids Panthers shirt, any color is acceptable.
      • The shirt must be loose fitting, and not altered in any manner.
    • Shorts must be Black Mesh shorts with a 7” inseam or longer.
    • Shoes must be tennis shoes that tie tightly and are safe for a variety of activities.
    • Students are encouraged to bring loose fitting sweat pants & sweat shirt to wear for outdoor activities.
    • Students will be allowed to wear their sweat pants/shirt for indoor activities as well. (ANY COLOR)
    • In compliance with the MN State High School League Rules, Century Students are asked to remove jewelry/watches during vigorous activities or activities in which the Teacher feels it could harm either the student or students around them. Students must remove or replace all facial piercings with a safe alternative approved by the PE Teacher. Absolutely NO tongue piercings allowed during PE class at all.