• 2023 House SOLD


    House For Sale Information   

    28'x52' 2-BR house built by Park Rapids High School building construction class.

    Includes 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, laundry room, plumbing and electrical finished on

    main level, cabinets complete, V-groove vaulted ceiling.

    Ready to move to your site.

    Minimum bid: $ 84,000,

    sealed bid due by Monday May 8th

    at 9:00 AM at Park Rapids Schools,

    Attn: Jeff Johnson

    401 Huntsinger Ave.

    Park Rapids, MN 56470.

    Sales tax and moving expenses paid by the

    person who purchases the house.


  • Staff

    Jeff Dravis: 218-237-6472
    Denny Sleen: 218-237-6470

    Technology Education Course Offerings

    Park Rapids Area High School offers a wide range of industrial technology courses including auto maintenance, metals processing, electronics, welding, drafting, aviation, engineering, woods, and building trades. Safety glasses are required and must be provided by the student for all industrial technology classes. 

    The Industrial Technology Department provides opportunities for experience with developing insights into the broad aspects of industry such as construction, energy, communications, manufacturing, and transportation. It concerns itself with industrial production and servicing, including such principles as application of mechanisms, creation of new ideas and products, implication for consumer literacy, wise application of leisure time, respect of quality workmanship, and skills essential toward vocational proficiency. The curriculum provides course and experiences of a vocational nature for students entering post-high school programs and opportunities for students interested in exploring more deeply the vocational, cultural understanding and consumer aspect of American Industry.


    • Auto & Power Equipment
    • Metals Processes
    • Woods Processes
    • Drafting
    • Electronics
    • Welding/Machining
    • Intro to Engineering
    • Furniture Reconstruction
    • Advanced Wood
    • Building Trades
    • Auto Mechanics
    • Aviation