• ISD 309 Fine Arts

    Park Rapids Area Schools Celebrates its Fine Arts!

    The mission of Fine Arts Education in the Park Rapids Area Schools is to provide quality experience, foster skill development and self confidence, cultivate an awareness of and appreciation for the arts as lifelong activities and vocations.

    Park Rapids Area Schools Visual Arts programs provide students K-12 opportunities in many studio areas: drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, graphic design, pottery, sculpture, cartooning, calligraphy and more. The Visual Arts programs at every age level emphasize: creativity; understanding the importance of art through history and cultures; developing aesthetic awareness, problem-solving and communication skills; and improving studio skills.

    From Kindergarten through 5th grade all students benefit from our "Kids in Sound" General Music program. In grades 6,7, and 8 students can select Choir, Band or General Music. Our high school courses include Concert Band, Concert Choir, Concert Choraliers, Chamber Singers, and Rapid and Bards. In extracurricular Choir and Band activities, we compete in MSHSL Solo, Ensemble and Large Group contests, Jazz Band and also Pep Band.

    The Drama department produces fall and winter productions along with participating in the Regional One Act Play Competition. Drama gives students the opportunity to challenge their imaginations, appreciation, develop listening, observation and physical skills.

    Students involved in any Fine Arts program are required to follow Minnesota State High School League rules.  

  • Fine Arts Staff

    Director Gunner Aas

    Director John Cook

    Director - Abby Sellnow

    Head Coach - Tanya Miller
    Assistant Coach - 
    Junior High -  Coach Emily Schueller
    Volunteer Coach - Sandy Aldrich

    Visual Arts
    Head Coach - Mike Hartung