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  • We believe the primary purpose of Park Rapids Area High School is to provide educational experiences which will enable people to acquireand apply knowledge. By the acquisition and application of this knowledge it is hoped that each individual will be able to meet his or her greatest potential mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and morally. Park Rapids Area Schools are dedicated to offering quality education to students. It is imperative that school personnel, students, parents and other residents work together to refine and maintain the high standard of educational programs in the district.

                                   -PRAHS Student Handbook

     Enrollment Options

    Students attending school in Minnesota have a number of educational opportunities which allow them to enroll in a public school or program located in a district other than the one in which they live. These “graduation incentives” give students alternative ways of getting their high school diplomas. Brief descriptions of some of these options are listed below. For additional information, you should contact your guidance counselor. 

    Area Learning Centers offer alternative programs to help students graduate from high school.

    Minor Parents, Pregnant Minors: Eligible youth may choose from alternative programs to earn a high school diploma. 

    Open Enrollment: A student must submit an Enrollment Options form to the non-resident district before January 15 for attendance for the following school year. 

    PSEO —Juniors and Seniors have the possibility of arranging classes in a vocational school or college while still in PRAHS. The intent of this option is to promote academic excellence and increase options for ambitious students. Features which attract student interests include:

    1. Students interested in this option should start the necessary process with the high school counselor. Two application forms are used: a regular college or tech school application needs to be completed the first semester a student wants to enroll. Another more specific application concerning which courses and their equivalent credits needs to be completed each semester.

    2. Students have a time limit of two consecutive school years in which this option can be used during 11th & 12th grade. One could not use after expected graduation at the end of 12th grade. Similarly, if one first enrolls during 12th grade the limit is one year of option privilege.

    3. The high school counselor and the student should expect to work out the equivalency of credits prior to or during the enrollment process.

    4. Students are not eligible for state post-secondary financial aid while enrolled in the options program. Transportation money is also strictly controlled and therefore available to students who meet state financial guidelines.

    5. Students with PSEO status are high school students taking courses at another location for part or all of the day. Their grades will be recorded by the high school for the honor roll, calculated into the high school grade point average and other special awards. Students are responsible for delivering their postsecondary grades to the high school.

    6. Students are eligible to participate in Park Rapids Area High School extra-curricular activities as long as all other eligibility requirements are met.

    7. Students may go half time or full time PSEO. They may not take PSEO over and above a regular school course load. Students must declare if they plan on doing PSEO by May 1st.

    Organization of Schedule

    Our school year is divided into three trimesters (fall, winter, spring). Correspondingly, marking periods are at twelve -week intervals. Courses will be offered on the trimester plan, each carrying one(1) credit per trimester.

    Park Rapids Area High School is on a seven period day schedule. Of necessity some courses require a pre -requisite and some sequence but many of the courses are independent and non-sequential. A student, through a preregistration program, indicates the courses s/he wishes to carry for the upcoming school year. Students must plan a minimum of 18 credits for the year and list alternates. This is equivalent to 6 classes every day for each trimester during the year. The trimester plan, combined with a seven period day, provides students with more variety and flexibility in subject choice. At the same time it requires more thought and care on the part of the student in making appropriate subject choices.

    Students are urged to discuss their choice of subjects with their parents, their teachers, and school counselor. In selecting subjects, students should give thought to their overall high school program and to their post high school educational -vocational plans.

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