• Philosophy


    Panther Fastpitch Softball

    Program Philosophy

    Main Goal:

    Get better each day by:

    • Helping others  improve
    • Learn more about the game
    • Knowing your strengths
    • Work on your weaknesses
    • Focus long-term over short-term
    • Make excellence a habit


      *What kind of a team are we going to be?

    • Play Fast
      • o   Pre-game is crisp and orderly
      • o   Run on and off the field, no walking on the field
      • o   Sprint on walks and home runs
    •   Play Hard
      • o    Compete-compete-compete
      • o   Every team will hate to play us
      • o   Look for, expose, and attack weaknesses
    • Play Smart
      • o   Be coachable
      • o   Know the situation, when to take risks
      • o   Make adjustments as a team and as an individual
    • Play together
      • o   Team over self (everyone works toward the same goal)
      • o   A good team will beat great players
      • o   A great player will always make others around him better

    *Compete in every game

    *  Solely pursuing winning is dangerous

    •    Eliminate ugly wins  (playing up to our potential no matter the opponents level)
    •    Learning from a loss (solely pursuing winning will ruin opportunities to learn)

    *How will you deserve more respect and more playing time?

    •    Show up early
    •    Stay late to work on skills
    •    Personally help others to get better
    •    Be coachable
    •    Hustle everywhere you go
    •    Keep your mind on the task at hand
    •    Volunteer to help out
    •    Encourage you teammates
    •    Shake hands with and thank the officials
    •    Be a good student
    •    Always act in a first class manner 
    •    Come to practice and games prepared


    *  Realize that your education comes first. 

    *  Maintain good body language at all times

    *  Respect everyone, fear no one!

    *  Be slow to speak and quick to listen

    Offensive Philosophy


    *  Main Objectives

    •    Get on base
    •    Move ‘em up
    •    Move  ‘em over
    •    Move  ‘em in

    *  Priorities

    •    Be aggressive, make the defense pick up the ball
    •    Hit the first good pitch, you may not get another good one
    •    Do not fear any pitcher
    •    On a 3-2 count,  swing, swing, swing
    •    Take a strike when behind in the lst inning
    •    Runner on 1st-hit behind the runner
    •    Runner on 2nd-hit behind the runner, drive the ball
    •    Runner on 3rd-find some green, don’t get cheated

    Base Running:

    *  Main Objectives

    •   Always look for an extra base
    •    Force the defense to make a play
    •    Be aggressive yet smart
    •    Make the pitcher think about you on the bases
    •    Anybody can steal bases

    *  Priorities

    •    Make up your mind and go all out
    •    Freeze on a line drive
    •    Make the defense force you back to the bag on your secondary lead
    •    Stay alert


    *  Only bunt strikes (unless the suicide in on)

    *  Get the ball down first, then run

    *  Placement is key

    *  Frustrate the defense (50% of all bunts result in everyone being safe)

    Defensive Philosophy

    Keys to Successful Defense

    *  Get outs (it’s a race to 21 outs)

    *  Play catch

     * Throw through your target

    *  Make the routine play

    *  Take care of the small stuff

    *  Get your feet in front of the ball

    Infield play:

    *  Attack the ball, don’t wait back

    *  Catch the ball away from the body

    *  Catch the ball slightly on the glove side of the midline

    *  Catch the bottom of the ball

    *  Communicate with other infielders

    *  Know position priorities

    *  Move feet toward the target to throw

    *  Be quick, but don’t be in a hurry

    *  Everyone has a place to move on every play

    *  An extra throw is not always best

    Outfield Play:

    *  Run to where the ball is going to land, no drifting

    *  Communicate with other outfielders

    *  Know position priorities

    *  Back-up everything

    *  Play shallow rather than deep

    *  Hit cut-offs


    *  Be in charge

    *  Snap the ball back-a good throw every time

    *  Stand up to throw the ball back

    *  Know the hitter-know their tendencies/weaknesses

    *  Know your pitcher-know her strengths and likes/dislikes

    *  Keep everyone in the game



    *  Main Objectives

    •    We want to challenge hitters
    •    Let the hitters get themselves out
    •    We want to keep our defense in the game by working quickly
    •    Each pitch has a purpose-no wasted pitches (each pitch leads to the next)
    •    Your most important pitch is you next pitch

    *  Priorities

    •    Location, location, location (hit your spots)
    •    Change speeds
    •    Movement
    •    Velocity

    *  Goals

    •    First pitch strikes
    •    Work quickly (next pitch 8-10 second after receiving ball from catcher)
    •    Less than 3 free bases per game (walks, HBP, etc.)
    •    No missed signs (if you are not sure, step off and meet)
    •    2:1 strike-out to walk ratio
    •    Keep base runners in check (1 pick-off attempt for every 3 runners)

    *  What you can control:

    •    Physical and mental preparation for the game
    •    Preparation for next pitch, next hitter
    •    Your response to tough situations
    •    How you bounce back/regroup

    *  What you cannot control:

    •    Hits
    •    Runs
    •    Errors
    •   Keys to Pitching Success…
      •    Be a Panther on the prowl. You are the toughest pitcher today. 
      •    The team will take on the personality of the pitcher so have a strong presence.
      •    Work Fast.  Your teammates will love you and your opponents will hate you.
      •    Challenge-challenge-challenge.  Force teams to beat you.
      •    Attack hitters.  Be ferocious in going after hitters.
      •    Nothing gets in your way.  You have a goal for every game/pitch.  GO GET IT!
      •    Be resilient.  Nothing breaks you concentration.

    Panther Softball  Building Blocks for Confidenc

                     1.   Self Evaluation

                     2.   Goals

                     3.    Preparation

                     4.    Persistence


    “When you choose to become part of a team, you cease to exist as an individual.”     -John Wooden


    Confidence is arrogance under control.


    I’m prepared.

    I’m confident.

    I’m so confident that I pass it on to my teammates. 

    I’m so confident; I take it away from my opponents!