• General Information - Financial Aid and Scholarships

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    Warnings signs of a scholarship scam

    • Application fees
    • Other fees
    • Guaranteed winnings
    • Everybody is eligible
    • We apply on your behalf
    • Unsolicited opportunities
    • Failure to substantiate awards
    • Typing & spelling errors
    • No telephone number
    • Mail drop for a return address
    • Operating out of a residence
    • Masquerading as a federal agency
    • Claims of a government, Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau approval
    • Suggesting that they are a non-profit, charitable organization when they are not
    • Suggestions of influence with scholarship sponsors
    • Time pressure
    • Unusual requests for personal information
    • Notification by phone
    • High success rates
    • Excessive hype
    • The unclaimed aid myth
    • Disguised advertising
    • a newly-formed company
    • A Florida or California address
    • Gives you a runaround or nonspecific information

    For further information on scholarship scams see www.finaid.org/scholarships/scams.phtml