• Mental Health Services

    For information or assistance please contact:

     Elementary Behavior Interventionist 218-237-6208

    Shaun Johnson, School Social Worker 218-237-6451

    Olivia Johnson, High School CTSS, 237-6415

    Michelle Fritze, Behavior Interventionist, 237-6304

    Jen Morrell, Middle School CTSS  218-237-6332

    Brianna Kirchner Middle School Counselor  218-237-6352

    Wyatt Sanford High School Counselor 218-237-6406

Mobile Crisis Line
  • Support Within Reach: Online Safety
    In May we will have Samantha Stevens, the Hubbard County Coordinator of Support Within Reach, to speak to our students regarding Online safety.  
    The 5th & 6th grade session will focus on increasing healthy personal boundaries and Online Safety to guard against abuse & online enticement (sextortion). Her presentation will have a video format that opens conversation/comments. Discussion will include tool & skills on healthy personal boundaries. 
    The 7th & 8th grade sessions will focus on increasing healthy personal boundaries and Online Safety to guard against online enticement (sextortion) and educating students on emotional and legal impacts of "Sexting." Presentation will have a video format that opens conversation/comments on both topics clearly stating the legal and emotional affects of sexting.
    As requested we will have an online safety sheet from Arvig as well as handouts from https://www.netsmartz.org/TipSheets.
    Suicide Prevention and Awareness
    April is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month.  We are excited to report that Brina Ellison, the Crisis Coordinator at Stellher Human Services, came to talk with our students 5 - 12 grade about Suicide Prevention and available resources.  The following may be helpful resources for families.

    PACER Talks about Bullying:
    Together we can build a world without bullying

    Bullying can be an isolating experience — not just for the kids involved — but for their parents, too. Fortunately, there is help. Pacer's parent guide offers a comprehensive overview for parents to learn what they can do to address and prevent bullying. https://www.pacer.org/bullying/resources/parents/

    In the Middle School this year, students will be viewing the Anti Buillying videos from  the PACER website. https://www.pacer.org/bullying/video/ 
    Lessons are available year long though the site. https://www.pacer.org/bullying/classroom/mid-high-curr/ so feel free to follow along, and continue to discuss bullying with your own family at home.
    If you have issues you'd like to discuss further, please don't hesitate to contact one of the mental health professionals at Century Middle School.