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    Food Service Information

    Welcome back to a new school year! 

    Qualifying meals are free this year!  But please make sure you are still filling out your Free and Reduced Lunch Applications as there are many benefits in doing so.  

    Milk, extra entrees and Ala Carte “High School Only” will be available for purchase. 

    Breakfast – We offer 3 or 4 components: meat or meat alternative, bread or grain, fruit and vegetable group, and a variety of milk. Students must take 3 items, but may take all 4, for a reimbursable meal.

         • K-4 provides approximately 500 calories 

         • 5-12 provides approximately 588-600 calories 

    Lunch – We offer 5 components: meat, bread, fruit, vegetable, and milk. 

         • Targeted caloric amounts are – elementary 640 calories, middle school 700 calories and high school 800 calories 

         • We offer alternative main entrée choices plus larger fruit and vegetable services for middle and high school students.

          • High School students will also have Ala Carte options available.  

    Milk –Kindergarten milk for snack time is free of charge with the help of the Minnesota Kindergarten Milk Program.  

    For students needing a lactose free option for milk, or students with disabilities or food allergies, a note from your physician as well as the Special Dietary Statement will be required. The Special Dietary Statement can be requested from the Food Service Office.      

    We encourage all parents to use the Linq Connect Portal, https://linqconnect.com/. This allows you to make lunch payments, pay for fees, fill out lunch applications, check lunch menus and more. More information can be accessed on the district webpage under the food service tab or by contacting me.   

    Free and reduced lunch applications can be filled out online at https://linqconnect.com/ or by using the Linq app on your handheld device. The application can also be accessed through the district website or by contacting Kim Splett at 237-6500 or stop into any of our offices at your convenience. If you need assistance filling out the free and reduced application or have questions regarding the application please contact Kim or stop by the District Office between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

    We look forward to the coming school year. Any questions about student lunch accounts, balances owed or our milk program can be directed to me. 


    JT Clark